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Same Sun
More Power

Powering the Future with Cutting-Edge Solar Technology


About Us

The Greater Light is a global independent power producer and operator
of solar energy and storage

Our Story

From Israel to the United States, learn how we took our dream of taking real action against climate change into a global portfolio of solar energy projects in less than a year.


Get to know the experienced professionals who make The Greater Light such an incredible place to work.

Our Values

Our work is guided by shared values in efficiency, agility, professionalism, candor & integrity... 


TGL leverages the Power of Technology to

Maximize Solar Project Performance

Asset Management by enSights

Our Unfair Advantage

TGL has a secret weapon - enSights. TGL's use of enSights,  an artificial intelligence-based asset management platform, demonstrates our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology for the efficient and effective management of solar plants.


With enSights, TGL can leverage real-time data and advanced analytics to monitor the performance of each power plant, identify potential issues, and optimize operations to maximize energy production. Additionally, the AI-powered solution can assist in predictive maintenance, enabling us to proactively address equipment issues before they result in downtime or decreased energy production. The adoption of enSights as a key component of our asset management strategy positions TGL as a leader in the integration of AI technology in the solar energy sector.

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Safe & Stable

As an independent power producer, TGL is responsible for managing and maintaining a portfolio of solar power plants. This involves overseeing daily operations, ensuring efficient energy production, and maintaining the equipment to ensure optimal performance.

A Global Mission

The TGL portfolio spans the globe -

from United States to Israel. 

Berrenda Mesa
Berrenda Mesa
University of the Pacific
University of the Pacific
University of the Pacific
University of the Pacific
Berrenda Mesa
Berrenda Mesa Construction

Working With the Best



Los Angeles, CA


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